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Tsukuyo-san ga Iyarashii Koto o Sarete Shimau Hanashi [Portuguese-BR]

Although she tries to make herself appear intimidating and danger-prone, those who have known her know that this hot girl is a complete lack of good fucking. One guy waseven willing to risk it on her but was shocked to discover himself in the midst of a sharp knife at his throat. Did he plan his move correctly or will the story come to an end much earlier than he expected it to? Look through the comics for more details!

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No Conversing Guy (Gintama) [English]

Two guys act like some badass samurai every when they go out, but everything is changing when they are all alone – the cynical approach to things changes into something more romanticand ofcourse sooner or later this would bring a couple of friends together to the point that they will get even closer… Yeah-yeah this is a yaoi themed hentai parody on “GinTama” if you still did’;t get it!

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[3745HOUSE (Mikami Takeru)] Yubisaki no Ondo (Gintama) [English]

This is exactly why the hentai parody category was designed for: to demonstrate that your anime buddies can be more close than you thought. If your most loved anime happens to be “GinTama” and you don’t mind of having a significant amount of yaoi-orirnted content, you definitely should check this oneout! There is more information on our site.

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[MIRAGE CAT (Suika Soda)] Yorozuya 4P (Gintama) [Korean]

The story will be published by the world of GinTama and will feature a nerdy guy who is extremely fortunate as two beautiful women are competing for his attention… and this comic is also an homage comic to hentai, so they will quickly master the most effective moves, such as handjobs or the titjobs. You can imagine the things they’ll be doing after you flip few more pages…

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[Tanpopo] Ginko ga Ossan ni Itazura sareru Hanashi (Gintama)

There will be a lot of japanese texts in this one however, you can still enjoy this hentai comics since it’s mostly instructions step-by-step of how to play Ginko’s huge and massive tits! It’s true, Ginko from “Gintama” and if you happen to be a fan of the anime series , then you have a reason to look into this parody. Being a fan of large tots also is a reason for that.

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